Research and Production CentreCreated on February 2, 2011, INTERTESTCO, by the experience of its founding team is a benchmark in manufacturing and maintenance of test equipment for electronics. Our research and production centre is established in Montreuil-Juigné the outskirts of Angers by junction 17 of the A11 motorway.

Today, the performance and complexity of electronic systems require an adjustment of test equipment.

That is why we provide to study offices from the prototyping phase test innovative solutions such as taking information on 0.4 mm via.

We also accompany you during the production phase with quality and reliable tools to help you producing electronic cards in large quantities for many years.

Finally, we provide maintenance in operational condition whatever the client on old tools like the HP 3065.

Our production is based on a variety of skills that ensure a quality product regardless of the field (in situ or functional test).

For more information on our services, you can see our Products page.